Office Keyphone System in Malaysia

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A dynamic flow of communication is important when you are running a business. Whether you are communicating with a prospective client or calling someone from the other department, you need to have an instant and clear connection that would allow you to exchange information seamlessly. Having an innovative office keyphone system will allow you to manage the influx of calls and message in the office with no to minimal waiting time.

Kedai CCTV is a foremost security solutions contractor in Malaysia that offers comprehensive security packages and office key phone system for businesses. Our mission is to help you take full control of your business’ security and communications system.

Hybrid Office Keyphone System in Malaysia

Installing phone lines for everyone in your department or office might not cut it when you are receiving multiple calls. Investing in a hybrid PABX system will help your team manage the influx of calls and evenly distribute them to each team member.

The office/business phone systems we offer support both digital and analog telephone lines, as well as, PRI and SIP. It can also support a single office, multiple departments, BPO businesses and can be integrated with your CRM solution provider.

Trusted PABX System Supplier in Malaysia

Your choice of PABX system supplier is important since it will determine how your keyphone system is installed and integrated. Kedai CCTV can help you set up your business phone system by supplying both the equipment and manpower.

We offer a wide range of branded and latest VOIP and telephony equipment that will give you a crystal clear communication line. And our team of professional technicians is knowledgeable and experience in structural cabling and system installation.

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