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Make your home a safer place with a state-of-the-art security system installed by a CCTV supplier Malaysia clients trust. Kedai CCTV can provide you with customized and fully-integrated security solutions that cover all areas and aspects of your home or business space.

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Access control management is important when you are running a business and facilities. It helps you manage the activity of people inside the premises, whether they are your team members or guests. But a solid access control system should be backed up with reliable tools and equipment to make it work. Hence, partnering with a trustworthy access card supplier in Kuala Lumpur is necessary.

Kedai CCTV is a reliable source of security equipment and systems in Malaysia that offers advanced centralized door access system for commercial and industrial use. The main purpose of our business is to provide excellent and solid security systems that will detect and deter any possible threats inside and outside the premises.

Reliable Access Card Supplier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An access card is not just to allow people to enter and exit certain rooms and premises. This is used to determine the level of access the cardholder is allowed to by the management. If the card failed to work, it can lead to a lot of setbacks like security breaches, failure to detect or monitor the activities of the cardholder, and possibly affect one’s work and productivity.

We partner with credible security equipment suppliers and use proven technologies to ensure that the security and surveillance systems will provide you the monitoring capabilities you need to keep the premises safe and secure – from access card or FOB, card access reader, CCTV cameras, to barrier gate units.

Experts in Door Access System Installation in Malaysia

Proper and installation is important when you are beefing up your security system. Our team of qualified experts will provide complete and accurate service to build and set up your security systems. From creating a door access system diagram to implement the security and surveillance planning, you rest assured that you will receive professional and prompt service.

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