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Make your home a safer place with a state-of-the-art security system installed by a CCTV supplier Malaysia clients trust. Kedai CCTV can provide you with customized and fully-integrated security solutions that cover all areas and aspects of your home or business space.

  • Certified Security Specialists at your service
  • State-of-the-art & trusted surveillance and security equipment
  • End-to-end security solutions for all types of properties
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Kedai CCTV is a certified Malaysia-based security solutions company that offers top-notch security and monitoring services level up home and property protection. We are specialists in providing CCTV systems and equipment and designing alarm and security systems that can help detect and deter threats.

Our service caters to a wide spectrum of clients and industries – from homeowners, property managers, building administrators, to entrepreneurs. Whether you want your personal space protected from outside and inside threat or you want to keep a close eye to your business or property, we have the right system that you need.

Our Business Philosophy

Our company lives by a set of principles and values that helps us to be better individuals and employees.


We embrace the culture of excellence and strive to provide the highest quality of service at every opportunity.


We provide accurate and honest information – from product details, costing, and project updates and concerns.


We keep ourselves abreast of the latest and proven security technologies and update your process to keep up with the changing demands of our clients.

Our Mission

As a leading CCTV supplier in Malaysia, our mission is to give our clients the level of protection they need so they can have the peace of mind they deserve. With Kedai CCTV, we guarantee an innovative and personalized approach in design and building your home security and provide you the support you need to protect your loved ones and your investments. From consultation to installation – you have our utmost assistance.

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